Broad selection, tailored to your needs

Laminated timber is the safe, versatile choice

In construction nowadays, safety is extremely important, and for fire safety, laminated timber is an excellent choice. There are many reasons for the growing use of laminated timber: it offers versatility, it is easy to process and it has a handsome natural grain that can remain visible and function as an interior design element.

Broad product selection, from standard stock to customised and processed beams

Kestopalkki produces laminated timber beams and columns. We also offer ridge beams and log blanks. We supply laminated timber in stock lengths or customised to meet your needs. We will also provide various special processing.

laminated machinery timber

Standard Kestopalkki dimensions:


Beams (mm):
width 42-215 and height 90-1305

Columns (mm):
90 x 90, 115 x 115, 135 x 135, 165 x 165, 180 x 180.

Maximum length (m):

The maximum length of beams and columns is 22,7 meters and height of 2,4 meters