Quality and delivery reliability are points of honour to us

Production that meets rigorous quality criteria

We use fine-grained spruce, that meets the requisite stress grades and guarantees a good visual result. Even when the production premises were being designed and built, the prerequisites for meeting all production quality requirements were already being incorporated. Modern production lines and kilns, combined with skilled employees with a strong work ethic, together assure high quality throughout.

Kestopalkki received a VTT Product Certificate (no. C278/04).

We also have EC-Certificate of conformity

DoP certificate CE-mark

A sure and reliable partner

Kestopalkki considers it a point of honour that customers be pleased with the products they receive. Products are clearly labelled and carefully packed in durable plastic packaging that protects them well. It is very important to Kestopalkki that the laminated timber be delivered to the requested address at the designated time.

laminated timber
The plastic packaging keeps each beam clean all the way to the place of delivery.